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Pandemic – Quarantined


Due to the Pandemic (COVID-19) a lot of people decided to go home. There are a lot fo reasons such as there is no work and life is getting harder staying in highly urbanized cities. Lucky for those who are still working, especially the Work From Home policies made by other companies.

After 5 months in Cebu, which is currently defined as the Epicenter of the Pandemic here in the Philippines, I have decided to go home in my province and wait until how things will play out. Though I will still be working since our company is on Work From Home mode. I am currently quarantined, 5th day to be exact. I try to enjoy while being locked and luckily I was able to bring my drone with me. It gave me more time to spend doing aerial shots and also testing the limits of my 4 year old drone. So far, it is still working great, though I have observed that the distance it can reach may have shortened. I think this is due to the updates and restrictions added. I will check and work on the settings to make it fly longer and higher.

This Pandemic made a lot of changes and even altered the way of life for most of us. It has greatly affected almost everyone and also the life we use to know. Until a Vaccine is available we will be living the “NEW NORMAL” as what they call it. We just have to work with the government and respect everyone by following the health protocols to avoid being infected and at the same time infecting others.

Dakong Bato - Maasin City
Pugaling Beach - Maasin City
Canturing Bridge - Maasin City
Dakong Bato - Maasin City
Brgy. Asuncion - Maasin City
Dakong Bato - Maasin City