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Maasin City’s Tree Park


The capital city of the province of Southern Leyte, Maasin City, this is where you can find the Tree Park. A place where all you see with a distance of about 2 meters side by side grows hundreds of trees. The place is a bit dimmed and dark due to the trees have grown high covering sun light.

The tree park which is located in Soro-soro, a barangay and part of the city of Maasin. It is a just around 2 kilometers away from the heart of the city. You can drive going to SOLECO main office but before reaching it you will be able to see a sign saying “This way to Hanginan”, that is where you have to take the right turn, and for about 40 meters you should see the Tree Park on the left side. I am featuring this story since this place is a good venue for photo shoots. You can have different type of photo shoots here and the place is not crowded nor very accessible to a lot of people. There is not much cars or vehicles passing by since it is secluded place.