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LONDON – Street Perspective

London - Street Perspective

Due to this Pandemic, it gave me a lot of time to do things that I was not able to do before. Now, I have time to clean up my hard drives and found photos that I was never able to review after I saved them on the drives. This gave me an idea to look at them for the first time and inspired me to select and have them uploaded on this site and basically write something about these great-looking photos with stories in them.

Big Ben - London

I chose this photo as it basically represents London, the majestic and popular known as Big Ben. Seeing it the first time was mesmerizing and I was in awe looking at it. The details and the beauty it shows are just out of this world. Just for the record, been to many places and I can safely say that London is one of the top 5 places on my list. This is a multi-cultured place and the best part is that they let people be what they want to be.

On the streets, you can see and experience the honest expressions of people. The way they dress and their beliefs, they can show it to the world without judgment!

It was an honor to be able to visit this great place. I was there for a Wedding shoot and with me was my filmmaker partner Patrick. It was both of us first to be in London and we were really thrilled and excited. We were lucky as well since the couple that hired us are really good people and were accommodating to us. They made sure that we are taken care of well and we are truly thankful.

Paddington, London

So, when we were able to rest for a day, I and Patrick decided to go out and see what London has to offer. The best way to travel is by train and the station I remember is called Paddington, yes not the movie though 🙂

From where I came from, a train is not even a thing. It is really interesting to see how these people reach from point A to B using trains. Imagining it like a web underground as usually they have a lot of sub-ways.

Double Deckers - London

Double Deckers! Yes, I love them, not just by the idea that they can carry a lot of passengers, but this is also a really good way to tour around the city. You only do not have a bird’s eye view, but you get a clear view and an uninterrupted spree of taking photos. Like, literally you will not be noticed taking photos which makes you even comfortable and take great shots.

TRAFALGAR SQUARE – it should be on your list when visiting London. This is a place where you see a lot of talents performing not just for people’s attention but also for a bit of money, however, it is up to you to give. It is like a term called “Basking”.

Well, this is what I can say, it is a must-visit for this place and you will love it that is a promise! Enjoy some more photos below.