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Club Tara Resort in Bucas Grande, Soccoro, Siargao Islands is the latest getaway location I’ve been to and I think this place is amazing for many reasons. You can read below what they say about their resort.

“Only a few places exist where you can envelop yourself in a truly stunning environment. Club Tara Resort in Bucas Grande Island, Surigao del Norte, Philippines is one such destination, favored with undisturbed tranquility and soul-delighting comforts.

The resort complements the setting and picturesque scenery with cottages perched on stilts immersed on the water and excellent facilities. Each accommodation is a sanctuary that lets guests experience unruffled pleasure and comfort. In fact, every room has its own lanai, which looks out over the sea, and a jacuzzi, on top of other modern amenities, to provide absolute rest and pampering. Aside from these, the resort has its restaurant, swimming pool, and poolside bar.

Club Tara is flocked by many islets that families and friends can visit on kayak. This destination is also perfectly romantic for honeymooners, with more than a few beaches nearby just as blessed with beauty, featuring powdery white sands and clear waters. Indeed, this is an exclusive place of retreat that showcases the natural wonders of Surigao.”

I love CLUB TARA RESORT though it is not perfect but still I love it and will endorse it to others regardless. You can check reviews with different views, some are okay others were more of a personal preference which I find unfair. First, we have to remember where we are going and where is the location. In case anyone has no idea this is in a remote island so not all the things we use to enjoy included in luxurious places are provided. The selling point of this resort is its breathtaking views and at the same time giving us city people a chance to connect with nature again.

CLUB TARA RESORT currently is undergoing some major changes not just with their structures but at the same time a new and better management. For sure this will make future visitors stay a more relaxing and enjoyable one.


Aside from the great views, turquoise lagoon waters, rooms with jacuzzi, private white sands beach there are also daytime activities that everyone can enjoy. You can use their floating platform to do sun bathing, or do diving on the jump board. You can do swimming in the lagoon or kayaking. They also offer paddle boarding and these are all for free of use for guests of the resort. Just a few minutes boat ride you will be able to see and visit the famous SOHOTON CAVE. This is very known to many people as it offers a different and unique kind of view.


The location is super beautiful that it is the perfect location for venues such as weddings and engagements or prenuptial shoots, this is how I discovered the place and had a prenuptial or engagement shoot there. Photos looks amazing with a perfect view and background for the lovely couple. I will do another post for the prenup shoot at a later time, but for now this is solely for CLUB TARA RESORT’S exposure. This place needs attention as it seems it never had one and this is one way I can contribute in honor of this amazingly beautiful location. If ever you have time and wanted to check out the place it is located at Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Siargao Islands, Surigao del Sur.