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Castello di Meleto


This amazing Castle is in the heart of the Chianti, which is close to the boundary line between the republics of Siena and Firenze, it’s more than a kilometer away from Gaiole in Chianti.

As what most of the brides wishes to have a wedding like a fairytale, this is the Castle that is perfect for the very special day in their lives, situated in the engaging landscape of Chianti. Before reaching the place you will see a great lineup of cypresses and junipers, with stunning and mesmerizing view of unending vineyards. A perfect place for weddings and for those visitors who wants to enjoy serenity, nature and peacefulness of the countryside. The wine, the scent of cellars and oil-mills, the wood of the furniture, grain, the thousand essences. Being in the place you will be able to taste wine, smell the cellars, dungeons and very old furnitures that will take you back in time.

I am highly-recommending this place to visit if you happen to be in Italy, specifically the Tuscany region. This is a place worth visiting and experience the real Italian experience, adventure and way of life.