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A Lifestyle Shoot


I seldom do this type of shoot, not because I do not like it. I always choose the kind of project I want to do and if I like it then I do not hesitate to do such. This was one of them. This person is kind hearted and a good person both inside and out. I never knew her personally until I did this project with her.

After the shoot this was not the only project that we did together. She gave me more projects which most of them I liked and was very happy doing it. She is part of a group that helps promote global awareness such as Rights of Women and Global Warming in general. I did events with her, actually her talks with guests who are experts and knows about the climate and laws governing Woman’s Rights. I was not only documenting the whole event but at the same time learning a lot of new things. This was more than what I expect aside from getting paid.

As a photographer these are some of the perks that we get to enjoy and experience and it is something that money cannot buy. I am thankful and will not hesitate doing such kind of projects again.