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A City of History – Rome


This is part of the trip, after the destination wedding photo shoot we did at Castello di Meleto in Chianti, Italy. One of the perks of being a Wedding Photographer, is you get to travel places; and do what you love to do and that is to take great wedding photos.

Above photo was taken at Roma Termini, it’s like a central station in Rome where most routes of train rides that pass or do stops and can be one of the best ways to travel as well around Rome and have it as a starting point in going around.

Walking around the city of Rome is better most of the time, especially if you are a photographer like me. There are just a lot of places and people to photo with. It is like a never ending place for a good subject to shoot. Due to not a lot time for us to stay in Rome, what we did was took the Tour Bus. That is the best option if you are not familiar with the city, it is economical as well rather than taking a cab or having your own car since you do not spend time parking. Also, you get a different perspective with your shots since you are on a higher location which is the rooftop of the bus.

Aside from the structures which are noticeable when in Rome, another thing that I will not forget are the food places, coffee shops, pasta shops, pizzeria’s, restaurants and etc., they ar just everywhere. This really proves that the Italian’s are food lovers.

I am not really a fan of sweet’s however; I am making an exception in this case, their Gellato’s are just amazing. When I tried one usually I cannot take so much in a small cup but this was actually wanted more and I am sure my wife will love it even better, that is how good it is for me. This trip was more of a job as I am doing a destination Wedding at Gaoile in Chianti, Tuscany region.

Enjoy more sites and scenes below!